Altar Server Monthly Schedule


Generally speaking you will be asked to server one or two Masses per month. Due to vacations, special Masses and other circumstances you may be asked to serve more than one Mass.  We will try our best to accommodate your requested schedule but it may not be possible to always server at your preferred Mass.  All servers are expected to take a turn serving the 7:30 am Sunday Mass.

Note: If your parent(s) also serve in a ministry at St. Michaels (such as Lector or Eucharistic Minister), please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate their schedule.

Schedules are email to the parents in advance, posted in the sacristy and in the closet where the Altar Server albs are hung. The Parish Center is also copied on the schedules.

If you are unable to serve when you are scheduled, please contact another server to fill-in for you as soon as possible (don’t wait until the night before!). Use the schedule for Altar Servers. Look at the other Saturdays and Sundays on the schedule and see who else serves at Masses for the same time you’re scheduled for. Try to work out a “swap.” That is, be willing to switch your serving time for theirs. Switching is the fairest way to work out schedule problems. Remember, as soon as you receive your schedule; write your dates on your family’s calendar.